Sprawdź swój poziom!

Witamy w naszym darmowym teście języka angielskiego!

To bardzo ważne, abyśmy na początku ustalili Twój poziom zaawansowania. Pozwoli to dobrze dobrać grupę i materiał, tak abyś mogła i mógł uczyć się w sposób przyjemny i efektywny.
W tym celu prosimy o wypełnienie testu. Jeśli nie czujesz się na siłach, by zrobić cały test, wypełnij tylko tyle, ile potrafisz.



1. I need some money. Don't worry, I _______ lend you some.
2. Look at those black clouds. It ______.
3. - The phone is ringing... - I _____ get it!
4. The teacher _______ her leg. She is in hospital now.
5. I ______ my wife in 2012.
6. Have you got any plans for the summer? Yes, we ______ around France.
7. I really enjoy _____ time outside the city.
8. I am looking forward _____ my family at Christmas.
9. I'd like _____ a hamburger.
10. When you _____ Eric, tell him to call me
11. If I _____ a rich man, I would donate a lot of money to charity.
12. You ______ drive a car if you do not have a driving license.
13. It is _____ if you buy a family ticket.
14. In a crisis people often earn _____ money.
15. I promise to return the money ______ I have received my salary.
16. My boss ______ in our company for twelve years.
17. How many plays __________________(write / Shakespeare)?
18. I _________________ (not / see) your brother for ages! How is he?
19. I _____ to work when I saw that terrible crash.
20. My life _____ easier I did not have to work so much.
21. Most products we sell _____ in China.
22. I can't lend you this book. It _____ by my mother right now.
23. I _____ this job for too long. I need a change.
24. Who ______________ (Macbeth / be / write)?
25. I _____ university before I started to work.
26. Normally, I drive German cars, but at the moment I _____ an Alfa Romeo.
27. ____________. She's very kind and friendly?
28. You ______ Tom at the party. He was here with me that evening.
29. - Do you have any plans for the New Year's Eve Party? - I don't know. I _____ just stay at home.
30. Mum asked me if I ______ help her.
31. He said he _______ me very much!
32. He apologized ______ late.
33. Are you planning to buy a car? No, I can't _____ one at the moment.
34. I am totally _____ with you! Leave me alone!
35. When you arrive at a hotel, you have to check _____.
36. Cheer _____ !. Things are not that bad!
37. He suffered a nervous _______ because of all this stress.
38. Could you ______me a favour? Give me a lift to the centre of town.
39. I am _____ my best, but it's still not enough!
40. I can't _____ all this rain! It's so unpleasantly wet!
41. Was it expensive? Yeah, it cost _____.
42. I can't stop thinking about her. She is always _____ my mind.
43. Little Tommy is such a _______ child, because he always got what he wanted.
44. Eva Cassidy is _____ the best singer I have ever heard.
45. Ernest Hemingway _____ suicide just like his father did.
46. In this country you have to ______ your seat belts when you are in a car.
47. It is impolite to _____ to go for a drink with colleagues in Japan.
48. You can only carry one item of ______ luggage on board a plane.
49. We are _____ out of milk, could you buy some when you are at the shop?
50. - Can I speak to Mr. Cameron, please? - Hold on. I'll ______ .
51. - Hello, can I speak to Joan Higgings? - _____.
52. If staff _____ is high that means that employees are unhappy at the workplace.
53. There is no use listening to her. She is just _____ a dead horse.
54. Tom is a natural leader. He likes being in the _______ seat.
55. It's unfair – you cannot move the _____ in the middle of the game!
56. They made a deal and it finished with a _____ takeover.
57. In an economic _____ all companies are in trouble.
58. She is amazing. She can _____ run the whole company.
59. Tomorrow I am _____ my resignation.
60. I am sorry, I won't do it. I don't feel _____ the job.
61. He is a ______ person. I think he enjoys being unpleasant to people.
62. I would like to be as ______ as Mike is. He never seems to get stressed-out.
63. Renault was accused of industrial ____ by Ferrari.
64. He spent some time in prison for money _____ for the mafia.
65. Passing on this information was an example of insider ______.
66. The Tax Office is always looking for tax ______ in your tax statement.
67. It is difficult to compete with them when they offer such _____ prices.
68. I like the colleagues I work with. We get on like a house on ______.
69. We are not an fully independent entity. We are a / an _____ of a German company.
70. We really need to _____ our sales software.
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